Crochet The Cross Over Stitch

Crochet cross over stitch is an easy, unique and extraordinary stitch technique each and every crocheter would love to master. The design and texture of the cross over stitch is very unusual and good-looking. Worked in rows with some simple techniques, this stitch is going to charm and amaze you with it’s simplicity.

There are lots of old and new stitch patterns in a wonderful world of crochet and I’m always focused on finding more and more of them every day. If you consider yourself as a dedicated crocheter, you also need to learn as many stitch techniques as it’s possible.

The cross over crochet stitch is one of those gorgeous stitches that will give a fabulous look to any project you’ll decide to make. It’s quite simple, rhythmic and soothing. Hope you like it…

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So, here is a beautiful cross over crochet stitch tutorial by Wool Story. Step by step instructions with written pattern will guide your through the whole process of mastering this lovely stitch technique. Have fun enjoy yourself!