How To Crochet A Seashell Bag or Basket

Crochet a seashell bag or basket in style using a fresh new, beginner friendly crochet tutorial. Summer season is coming up and fast and I’ve already started working on some lovely and useful summer related crochet patterns. It is quite warm outside. And it’s only going to get nicer and sunnier from here for the next three months.

Summer always makes me feel really excited, because I’m a huge fan of beach days and park picnics. That’s when I need some functional and lightweight handbag or basket, so I can carry on all the necessary accessories.

I’m sure you act the same way and that’s why today, I’ve decided to share with you this gorgeous seashell bag crochet pattern. Follow along with me and learn how to make a crochet bag everyone will notice and love.

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In this fresh new, step by step tutorial by Sirin’s Crochet, we will be following some easy and simple guidelines on how to crochet a seashell handbag or basket.

This seashell bag pattern is one of the most beautiful crochet pattern I’ve ever seen or worked on! Hope you like it too. Enjoy…