Celtic Stitch Tote Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to crochet yourself a simple, elegant and useful handbag, this Celtic stitch tote handbag is something you are going to love for sure.

Lately, I have been finding myself constantly looking for crochet bag ideas. I have a very large family and therefore there is always an activity, event or birthday that deserves gift giving.

Turned out that most of my family members are women and we all know that girls just love handbags. That’s why I put this Celtic weave tote pattern at the top of my gift list.

I’ve always enjoyed making easy crochet gifts as they can get worked up in a short period of time, just like this beautiful Celtic stitch tote handbag.

We’re always excited to host new things and bringing you this free crochet pattern for a gorgeous tote handbag, we hoped it was going to get you pumped.

So, here you can download a free crochet pattern in Pdf format by following the link below. I’m almost sure you will love this Celtic weave tote as much as I do. Good luck and enjoy!

This is a free crochet pattern for an elegant and beautiful celtic stitch tote handbag. Download free pattern in PDF format and enjoy your crocheting.

Link to the free crochet pattern…

Celtic Weave Tote