Colibri Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet this cute and colorful Amigurumi Colibri (Hummingbird) using an easy to follow, step by step crochet tutorial.

To be honest, I’ve seen many crochet bird patterns but this amigurumi Colibri is simply out of this world. It is definitely the most extraordinary and eye-catching project I’ve ever worked on.

The Colibri (hummingbird) is a sacred symbol for the Taino Indians – indigenous nation of the Caribbean. It is sacred because the hummingbird is a pollinator and therefore disseminator of new life.

Hummingbirds are probably the most amazing birds on all over our blue planet. They are among the smallest of birds measuring between 3 – 5 inches in length.

They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings which flap up to 100 – 150 times per second. In fact, this is the only species of bird that can fly in all directions.

I’m so excited about these fascinating creatures that I would love to write more but that’s enough for now. Let’s get down to business.

Here, you will find some very easy to follow tutorials on how to crochet this gorgeous amigurumi Colobri in the best possible way. Just follow the tutorial link below and enjoy yourself.

This is a fresh new, step by step Colibri amigurumi crochet tutorial. You can also choose different caption languages by clicking the captions icon on a video. Enjoy!