Paw Print Coaster Crochet Pattern

Learn how to crochet a paw print coaster or applique, using some of the best crochet pattern in PDF format and video tutorials. As you can see these coaster are very easy to make and do not require much of your time and yarn.

Start your day with a giggle and a smile when you look down and see these adorable paw print coasters! If you are an animal lover or know someone who is a dog or cat lover, then you will definitely love this post.

These paw coasters are great to leave out year around as they are almost perfect conversation starters. Great for your home or loved ones. No matter who the recipient is, they are sure to get a good gift.

So, let’s get down to business and follow the paw print coaster crochet pattern in various designs.

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Here is a paw print applique free crochet pattern by one and only MaryJ Handmade. Follow these simple guidelines and make your favorite coaster in any color and size you wish.

Paw Print Coaster / Crochet Pattern

Central Fingertip:

Round 1: 15 dc in the m.c – end the round with a sl st

Round 2: 3 ch, 1 trc, (2 trc), 1 trc, 1 dc, (2 dc), 1 dc, (3 trc), 1 dc, (2 dc), 1 dc, 1 trc, (2 trc), 1 trc, 3 ch, 1 sl st

Little Fingertips:

Round 1: In the magic circle: 3 sc, 4 dc, 3 sc – end the round with a slip stitch

Video Tutorial

Download paw print coaster pattern in PDF format here or follow the step by step video tutorial here