Crochet Easy Flower Square Motif

Crochet flower granny square motif is one of those beautiful and easy patterns each and every crocheter would love to make. These colorful squares are worked in the round, starting with a magic ring and following some simple crochet techniques like single crochet and double crochet.

We all know granny squares are one of the most iconic motifs in crochet. In fact, square patterns are one of the first things we practice as we start learning how to crochet. Granny squares definitely have a key role in crochet!

That’s why I love them so much and always looking for some new patterns and ideas for square motifs. It’s not a secret they are just perfect for blankets and many other crochet projects.

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So, let us get down to business and learn how to crochet this lovely and cute flower square motif in just a short period of time.

Enjoy yourself and always feel free to share your experience with us. Good luck and happy crocheting.

Click here to show square tutorial

This is a crochet flower granny square tutorial with step by step written instructions by Notikaland.

You can write out the pattern or just follow the video. Anyway, it’s very easy to work up pattern! Enjoy.

Granny Square Motif – Part #1

Granny Square Motif – Part #2