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DIY Crochet Pacifier Clip

In this quick and easy tutorial I’ll be showing you how to DIY crochet a pacifier clip for your babies. This cute pacifier chain clip is a great gift for new baby, baby shower or any other baby celebration. There are very few DIY or crochet patterns for pacifier clip holders. Despite the fact they are very popular and commonly used, they’re still not getting quite a big attention and credit for their usefulness 🙂

However, today, I’m going to try and fix that issue by bringing you this lovely tutorial on how to make a pacifier clip in just a few minutes.


Pacifier clip is an incredibly useful, stylish and practical attachment. It ensures your baby’s pacifier will be safely secured. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending a fortune due to losing it all the time.

Pacifier clips usually attach to pacifiers with either a snap closure or a loop. Once the pacifier is attached, you can clip the other end of the strap to your baby’s clothing and you are ready to go!

This cute and colorful pacifier clip keeps the pacifier away from falling down and getting lost, as well as offers quick and easy access when your baby needs to self-sooth.

Pacifier clip attracts baby’s attention, develops touch and fine motor skills. Just attach one side of it to the pacifier and the other one to the baby’s clothes.