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Learn To Crochet A Christmas Cracker


This is an easy crochet Christmas Cracker that is perfect for putting little treats inside to give to your friends and family. These Christmas Crackers use a small amount of yarn so they are perfect for your yarn scraps. We have already learnt to crochet different kind of Chrsitmas related projects and you can take a look at them on our blog. Today we will be making these lovely Christmas crackers in the easiest way. Here you can follow a free crochet pattern with some very helpful video tutorials and make these beautiful crackers for your friends and family members. Good luck and let’s get down to the business.

Enjoy your crafting and always feel free to share your experience with us and other crochet lovers in a comment section below. Link to the complete crochet pattern is down below. Happy crocheting.

I decided to use green and red 100% acrylic yarn as I wanted to keep these crackers traditional but as this pattern is versatile you can change the colours to suit your Christmas theme.

Click here to show cracker tutorial

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