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How To Knit Christmas Jingle Bells

Good evening everybody. The first snow has fallen in Hartford today and I’m very excited about it. I love snowfall so much. It always reminds me of Christmas time and all the possitive feelings that come with this beautiful festival. You may have not noticed yet, but it’s already Winter and christmas time is getting closer and closer. So we need to get ready for such a wonderfull event and try to make as many beautiful accessories as it is possible. Our thoughtful blog has already brought you some helpful tutorials and patterns for different kind of Christmas projects. Now, it’s time to move on and teach you how to knit these lovely jingle bells in the best possible way. Let’s get down to the business. Just watch the video tutorials we have brought you, carefully follow the instructions and you will be able to decorate your Christmas tree with these adorable bells. I wish you a best of luck with this cute jingle bells. Enjoy your knitting and do not forget to share your experience with your friends and families. Happy crafting.

Click here to show bell tutorials

9 thoughts to “How To Knit Christmas Jingle Bells”

  1. My Mother used to make these and I am so happy that now I know how to make some for my Grandchildren! Thank you!

  2. It would be really nice, if the pattern was on this page somewhere, after three tires I gave up trying to find it.

    1. Love these and the video made the making of them quite clear! I will be making many for gifts and decorations! Thank you!!

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