Triweave Crochet Stitch / Free Crochet Pattern

Triweave stitch is an extraordinary crochet stitch pattern great for blankets, shawls, scarves and many other similar projects. Free pattern uses some simple crochet techniques and works up quite fast. Even some absolute beginners could stitch it up without any difficulties.

This is a fresh new crochet stitch pattern and as usual I’m always in search of this kinds of beautiful stitch patterns. As a crochet lover, I always want to try something new and probably many of you act the same way as well.

So, let’s get down to the business and learn how to crochet this eye catching triweave stitch. Just download the free pattern in PDF format and have a fun time crocheting…

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The pattern is made out of hexagonal motifs, joined into three separate layers. Stitches used are primarily chain and single crochet, with a special stitch for joining. The crocheting isn’t difficult, but laying out the pattern takes some time and concentration. Enjoy!

Follow the link below for a free crochet pattern…

Triweave Stitch Pattern PDF