Halloween Witch Hat Crochet Patterns For Beginners

These are some of the cutest Halloween witch hat crochet patterns for beginners to try. Each of these 3 patterns are very easy to work up and do not require much of your time or yarn. It is always exciting making some new Halloween related projects and hopefully, you will love these witch hats as well.

Halloween is coming up and fast. I’ve already began searching and gathering some old and new crochet patterns for this upcoming holiday. I used to stick on with my favorite patterns, but now I want to try something modern and different.

So, let’s get down to these cute little witch hat patterns. They look almost similar, but you can choose any of them and crochet it in any color and size you only wish.

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This Halloween witch hat pattern works up super fast. I’ve almost finished my 3rd one in red and white. Just perfect for any kind of decoration. Follow this link for a Free Crochet Pattern

This is an amigurumi witch hat crochet pattern. You can make a lovely garland for your home decor or simply give it as a gift for kinds and not only… Follow this link for a crochet pattern

Halloween Witch Hat Crochet Pattern