Crochet Herringbone Stitch Handbag

Herringbone stitch crochet handbag is an useful, comfortable and stylish accessory every woman should have in a closet. This versatile crochet handbag is only 9-10 inches but still big enough to store yarn, books and many different kind of accessories. The bag is lightweight and expandable as well.

Wherever you go, to the market, on a beach or even on a date you will always feel yourself in style with this herringbone stitch handbag. So, if you are looking for a beautiful crochet handbag pattern that will perfectly match with any of your outfit, here is one to try!

As you can see these crisscross stitch technique gives a special, unique and fascinating look to crochet handbag. With this kind of bag you will always stand out of the crowd in any situation.

Just trust me, you can’t go wrong with this elegant herringbone crochet handbag.

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Enjoy this fresh new tutorial by Gülcan Volkan Duran on how to crochet the herringbone stitch handbag. Step by step tutorial will guide you through the complete process of crocheting this pretty handbag.

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Video tutorial – Part #1

Video tutorial – Part #2