Mojave Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Learn how to knit this beautiful Mojave shawl using a free knitting pattern in PDF format. Just download the step by step written instructions and enjoy your knitting time.

I have always loved and enjoyed making shawls and wraps. As usual, they are very comfortable and pleasant to wear outfits, especially in Spring and Autumn.

So, if you are searching for a free knitting pattern of some of the most elegant and comfy shawls. Here is something you are going to love for sure.

This free Mojave shawl knitting pattern is easy to create with minimal effort using these step by step instructions and photo tutorial.

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Just claim your free knitting pattern by clicking the link below. Download Mojave shawl pattern in PDF format and enjoy yourself.

Inspired by the sandy dunes of the desert, with desert flowers in full bloom after a rare burst of rain, Mojave shawl will delight even the most novice of knitters.

The true beauty of this knitting pattern is that the pattern is easily adapted for different sizing and it will look amazing in any of our yarns.

Link to the knitting pattern…

Mojave Shawl