How To Crochet Embossed Box Stitch

The embossed box stitch is a crochet stitch pattern that can be worked in a variety of different ways. There are many box stitch designs, such as the boxed block or the vertical box stitch, as well as different ways to incorporate box stitches into your projects.

However, today I’m going to bring you completely new pattern of boxes and this time we’ll be making the embossed box stitch in an easiest way.

This is a very quick and easy pattern to work up. Despite the fact free instructions are in Spanish, I’m sure you’ll handle it without any problems.

Don’t feel limited by the color choices. You might want to dream up a new, magical color combination that would be perfectly matched with you.

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Even if you’ve never seen this crochet embossed box stitch before, you’ll find that it’s quite simple and easy to work up pattern.

This stitch is just perfect for blankets, scarves, cowls and many other projects. Enjoy and have a great time crocheting.

Click here to show stitch tutorial