Crochet Butterfly Vibe Afghan Square

Enjoy a free crochet pattern for this bright and colorful butterfly vibe afghan square. Follow the step by step written directions and have some fun. Crochet squares are one of the most beautiful and beloved items for each and every crocheter. There are thousands of different designs for crochet squares, made in various shapes and sizes so we could make almost everything, from simple dishcloths to complicated blankets.

That’s why mastering some new crochet square techniques is such an useful and fun for us, who are never bored of making all kind of different crochet afghans and blankets. Starting with basic pattern for crochet square motifs, we are getting closer to much more complex crochet square designs.

So today, I’ve decided to share with you a free crochet pattern for this lovely butterfly vibe square. Pattern contains photo tutorials and the step by step written instructions to walk you through the process of making this colorful crochet afghan square.

Here is a link to free crochet pattern for this gorgeous butterfly vibe afghan square. Make these simple squares, join them together and enjoy the beauty of your new afghan blanket.

Link to the crochet pattern…

Butterfly Vibe Square