Crochet Christmas Baubles – Free Pattern + Video

Make these festive and colorful Christmas crochet baubles using a free pattern with a step-by-step video tutorial.

Crochet Christmas Baubles - Free Pattern + Video

This is one more beautiful crochet pattern from our Christmas crochet series and this time, we will be making lovely and colorful baubles in the easiest way.

Christmas is coming up and fast and it’s a perfect time for each and every crochet lover to add some new, unique ornaments to their Christmas tree. Using this free pattern you can build your colorful crochet stitches around a styrofoam ball to create beautiful crochet baubles.

Crochet Christmas Baubles

Just follow the guidelines and make these pretty and festive baubles for yourself and for anyone dear to your heart.

There is nothing complicated with this project and I am almost sure you’ll handle it without any difficulties.

Follow the link below for a free crochet pattern…

Free Pattern by Annie Design Crochet