Cable Stitch Hat Crochet Tutorial

Good evening everybody and welcome to Yarnandhooks. Here we are again bringing you the most beautiful crochet patterns and tutorials and this time, we are going to teach you how to crochet these alluring cable stitch hats in different styles.

This is a great opportunity for those crochet hookers who enjoy making warm and comfortable winter hats. As you can see, these cable stitch pom pom hats are very lovely and what’s the most important, quite easy to make.

We have brought you some very helpful instructions on how to crochet this blue cable stitch hat. Just follow the easy directions and try to make each and every stitch according to the instructions. Good luck and happy hooking.

Click here to show hat tutorial

Here is another cable stitch hat and another crochet tutorial for it. We hope you will like both of  these projects. Enjoy your crocheting time and always feel free to share your experience with us and other crocheters.

Click here to show hat tutorial

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  1. Awesome fun. This was my first time doing a cable stitch. For me,….i had to rip it out several times due to not counting correctly. I finally caught on. I’m going to make more of these. Thank you….

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