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Crochet Leaf Stitch Cowl Free Pattern

It is not a secret that we – women love fancy and fashionable cowls and scarves and wearing them is some kind of a pleasure, especially if they are made with our own hands. That is a reason I have decided to share with you this elegant Autumn leaf stitch cowl. It is amazing right? yes it is and if you have a desire to make one for yourself or for anyone dear to your heart, you will just need to follow the written instructions and watch easy video tutorials with the step by step directions. There is no doubt you’ll handle it without problems. Our blog wishes a best of luck to each and every crochet and knitting lover. Please enjoy yourself and remember that you can always share your opinion and ask your questions in a comment section below. Also feel free to share your experience with other crochet hookers. Happy crocheting.

Click below link to read the complete pattern…

Leaf Stitch Cowl

24 thoughts to “Crochet Leaf Stitch Cowl Free Pattern”

  1. Beautiful design! I am definitely going to make this sarf for mezelf. Greetings form The Netherlands!

  2. This is just so beautiful! I don’t crochet but I want to learn after watching your video. Thank you for posting such an informative tutorial. It has inspired me to give this a try.

  3. Started working on your pattern. Had a little trouble at first but after frogging and trying again i finally got it down. It’s a lot of fun and really beautiful! Thank you so much for making a video. It’s been very helpful!

  4. I made this version for my sons teacher this year for an xmas gift! It came out gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial.

  5. I had trouble with the pattern at first. The video was helpful though. I made my first one. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pattern. I can’t wait to make more.

  6. What a beautiful cowl. Have a hard time crocheting with sore shoulder but will make an exception for this lovely pattern.

  7. I love this cowl! But it doesn’t say how many chain stitches you’re supposed to start with. Can anyone help me with that?

  8. Beautiful Pattern, I had a little Struggle Starting it just by reading Pattern. Once I Watched Your Tutorial it was so Clear and Easy to Follow…Thank You So Much for Sharing!

    1. Good evening Cindy. Just follow the underline link Leaf Stitch Cowl and read the complete pattern. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Your written instructions say Row 1 bpdc, your video says 1st stitch on the ribbing row 1 is a fpdc. which is it?

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