How To Crochet Curly Puff Stitch Bag or Pouch

Curly puff stitch is an extraordinary and eye-catching crochet stitch you can use for making a clutch bag or a pouch.

This is actually a multipurpose stitch pattern so feel free to use it in a diverse array of projects such as scarves, pillow covers and even blankets.

As beautiful as this stitch is, it isn’t the easiest one to learn. So make sure to follow the step-by-step tutorial by Chompu Handicrafts carefully and patiently.

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Crochet Curly Puff Stitch

This is a new crochet stitch pattern and I hope you will find it beautiful and useful enough to practice.

Have fun and enjoy a free lesson on how to crochet curly puff stitch bag or pouch in the easiest way.