Crochet Flower Motif Tote Bag

Flower motif tote bag is a beautiful, easy to work up crochet pattern for beginners. Free crochet pattern comes with written instructions and easy to follow video guidelines by Hada Crochet.

Just like most crochet tote bag patterns, this one is very useful, lightweight and comfortable to take with you anywhere you go.

So, let get down to the pattern and learn how to crochet this reusable flower motif tote bag in the best possible way. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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Crochet Flower Motif Tote Bag

Bag Base Pattern:

Rnd 1: make a magic ring, ch2, hdc7, sl st;

Rnd 2: ch2, hdc1, (hdc2 x7);

Rnd 3: ch3, dc2, sc1, (sc1, dc3, dc3, sc1) x3, sc1, dc3, sl st;

Rnd 4: ch3, dc1, dc2, dc2, sc2tog in the 1st & 3rd stitches, (dc2 x5), (sc2tog, dc2 x5) x2, dc2tog, dc2, dc2;

Rnd5: ch3, dc1, (hdc1 x3), dc2tog, (hdc1 x3), dc2, ch2, dc2, (hdc1 x3), dc2tog, (hdc1 x3), dc2, ch2, hdc1;

Rnd 6: ch3, dc2, dc1 for each stitch, dc5, dc2, sl st;

Bag Side Pattern:

Rnd 7: ch3, dack loop only, follow a video tutorial for step by step instructions…

Video Tutorial