How To Crochet The Tadpole Stitch

Tadpole crochet stitch is an amazing, fresh new stitch pattern for beginners and not only. If you like crochet afghans and blankets you should definitely try this stitch.

There are many extraordinary crochet stitch patterns. Some of them use complicated and complex techniques while some are quite easy to practice, just like this Tadpole stitch.

The original name of this stitch is not a tadpole, the designer just refers to it as a blanket stitch. However, be being a huge fantasist, came up with an idea to name it the tadpole stitch. Do you like it?

I think this name is perfectly matched with the cute and adorable texture of this stitch. If you look carefully stitching actually looks like a tadpole and I just love it.

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As I have already mentioned the tadpole stitch is perfect for making blankets or afghans in different sizes.

However, it’s a multipurpose stitch pattern and you can use it in a diverse array of projects such as shawls, scarves, blouses, or dresses.

So, let’s get down to the tutorial by Knitting Love and learn how to crochet the tadpole stitch in the best possible way. Have fun and enjoy yourself…