Christmas Bell Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet this lovely and simple Christmas bell ornament using a free crochet pattern with step by step video tutorials. Get yourself prepared for the Christmas with some of the cutest crochet bell ornaments.

This are two different crochet Christmas bell ornament patterns by Rinku Hand Crafts and one of my favorite Hopeful Turns.

These bells are almost similar, but yet a bit different from each other. Hope you’ll love both of them.

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This is a very quick and easy to work up pattern and you’ll be able to make as many of these bells as you wish.

Crochet Bell Pattern:

Start with a magic ring.

Rnd 1: ch2, put 8hdc in the magic ring;

Rnd 2: ch2, * 1hdc, 2hdc * repeat 4 times;

Rnd 3: ch2, 1hdc in every stitch ( total 12hdc );

Rnd 4 – 5: ch2, 1hdc in every stitch ( 12hdc );

Rnd 6: ch2, 2hdc in every stitch ( total 24hdc );

Cute the yarn, hide it with your hook, finish.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial