How To Crochet A Round Lace Motif or Coaster

Learn how to crochet this round lace motif that you can use in many ways: like as a pretty little coaster or a beautiful blanket by joining motifs together.

As we all know, crochet motif patterns are one of the most common and popular patterns worldwide. The first thing crochet beginner practices is a granny square or a motif. These little items are very useful and I would say a key role details in crochet.

That’s why I’ve always loved and enjoyed working with some new motif patterns and today, I’ll be teaching you how to crochet this lovely round lace motif or coaster in the easiest possible way.

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I’ve made these motifs in purple, but of course you can use any color of yarn you prefer.

For bigger or smaller sizes just increase or decrease the number of rows. Just as simple as that.

Enjoy and have a fun time crocheting.

Video Tutorial