Pumpkin Granny Square – Crochet For Halloween

Halloween is coming up and fast and I’ve decided to share with you this festive pumpkin granny square crochet tutorial. These pumpkin squares have kind of a 3D effect that makes them very extraordinary.

Lately, I’ve been working on some several crochet pumpkin patterns and to be honest, I felt like I was getting a bit bored somehow. There are so many Halloween pumpkin patterns and I wanted to make something unusual. That’s when I came across with this lovely pumpkin square tutorial by Happy Berry Crochet.

This appeared to be one of those unique crochet patterns that you’ll not find very often. This square works up super quick and do not require much of your yarn.

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This is a really fun pumpkin granny square crochet pattern that you can turn into apples if you use a red yarn or even stay as an orange. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired…

Video Tutorial