Halloween Crochet Pumpkin Pattern For Beginners

Halloween crochet patterns are always such an exciting and fun to make projects, just like this crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners. These Amigurumi pumpkins work up super fast with a free crochet pattern and step by step video tutorial.

I’ve started working on this lovely pattern yesterday evening and already came up with three of these cute little pumpkins. I’m a bit old fashioned and made them in common Halloween colors: green, orange and white.

Naturally, you can use your favorite colors or even make it multicolored. That is all about your creativity. Enjoy and have a fun time crocheting.

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Crochet pumpkin pattern:

Round 1: Start with 21 ch. 1sc, 2sl st, 3sc, 10 half double crochet, 3sc, 2sl st;

Round 2: (Work back loop only) 1ch, 2sl st, 3sc, 10 half double crochet, 3sc, 2sl st, ( x32 );

Connect the end with fasten off, leave a long tail;

Sew along the edge, pull the yarn tight, make a knot;

Pull the needle back down to bottom, make a knot, hide the yarn;

Follow this video tutorial for a complete pattern and step by step guidelines…

Video Tutorial