Celtic Cable Stitch Crochet Handbag/Purse

This is a new, modern pattern design for the Celtic cable stitch crochet handbag or purse. As gorgeous as this handbag is, it isn’t the easiest pattern to work with. Even so, with these beginner friendly step by step guidelines by SHZ Handmade you’ll be able to stitch it up easily, without any difficulties.

As you can see this bag is just perfect and the colors are perfectly matched as well. However, you can choose you own color combination. It’s all about your taste and imagination.

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For this Celtic stitch crochet handbag purse pattern you will need a Diva Line Ribbon yarn, 5.5mm crochet hook and a vintage style kiss lock frame (optional).

Have fun and enjoy yourself…

Video Tutorial – Part 1

Video Tutorial – Part 2