Pumpkin Snail Crochet Tutorial Step By Step

This is a fresh new and easy to follow pumpkin snail crochet tutorial for the Halloween. This cute little pumpkin snail is something you’ve never seen before. I did not believe my eyes when I found the pattern few days ago. It is such a cutie I just had to make at least one.

Halloween is coming up and fast and I’m trying to stick with my plan and properly get ready for it. What I mean is decorating my house with everything Halloween themed and this lovely snail will definitely be a part of it.

Pattern includes many different kinds of details like ribbon bow, ladybird or acorns, but you can just make it simple. This snail looks adorable anyway.

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These pumpkin snails would make some lovely gift for an upcoming Halloween. Follow the step by step video tutorial or go to the free crochet pattern here