Classic Snowflake Motif Crochet Pattern

Crochet classic snowflake motif. Easy, beginner friendly snowflake motif crochet pattern for Christmas. These cute and lovely snowflakes can be used as perfect decorations for your home interior this upcoming new year’s eve. Make them easily, in any size and color you only wish.

There is no Christmas tree without some cute snowflake ornaments and whenever you imagine your new year time, you probably think about Santa, snow and all those exciting feelings that come with this beautiful holiday.

That’s why today, I’ve decided to bring you this free classic snowflake motif crochet pattern. Hope you’ll love it as much as our previous snowflake patterns. Have fun and enjoy your crafting.

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Snowflake Crochet Pattern:

Round 1: ( ch3 + 3dc popcorn ) ch3, “( 4dc popcorn ), ch3” x 5 times. sl st;

Round 2: sl st, ( ch3, + 1dc ), ch2, 2dc, ch2, “( 2dc, ch2, 2dc ), ch2” x 5 times. sl st;

Round 3: 2sl st, ( ch3 + 2dc ), ch2, 3dc, ( ch2, 1sc, ch2 ), “( 3dc, ch2, 3dc ), ( ch2, 1sc, ch2 )” x 5 times. sl st;

Round 4: 3sl st, ( ch3, + 3dc ), ch3, 4dc, ( ch3, 1sc, ch3 ), “( 4dc, ch3, 4dc ), ( ch3, 1sc, ch3 )” x 5 times. sl st;

Cut the end, hide yarn, finish.

Video Tutorial