Beginner Friendly Pattern For Knitted Slippers

This is an easy, beginner friendly pattern for knitted slippers. Free pattern comes with written instructions and step by step video tutorial. Despite the fact these slippers look quite simple, they are very comfortable and useful as well.

This is actually a one hour knitting pattern even for some absolute beginners. Just start making it right now and by the evening, you’ll be walking around your house with these kinds of lovely knitted slippers.

Free pattern for knitted slippers was provided by one of my favorite Knitting Art of Loving. let’s give it our pure love and respect for these adorable slippers.

I wish you a very best of luck with this lovely project. Enjoy your knitting and feel free to check out some more slipper patterns at the end of this article.

Supplies you will need:

  • Wool Circulo Paris in color 2513;
  • Knitting Needle n ° 3.5mm;
  • Pearls or any other ornament.

Size: Adult (34 to 36); Sequence of points:

We start by placing 40 stitches on the needle (21 cm);

26 rows in stocking st (8.5 cm);

27 ° decrease 20 stitches and make 18 rows in stocking stitch (6 cm);

44 ° make 20 increases and another 26 rows in stocking stitch (8.5 cm).

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