Unusual Crochet Mandala Potholder Tutorial

This is an extraordinary and unusual crochet mandala potholder design with a fresh new, beginner friendly step by step crochet tutorial. In fact, there are very few mandala potholder patterns online and this one is probably the best of them.

I’m a big lover of crochet mandalas and doilies. Generally, I make them while on my free time. Some mandala patterns are very complicated and require much time and yarn however, this one here is quite easy to stitch up.

Whether you want to crochet an useful potholder or an unusual, one of a kind mandala, you definitely can’t go wrong with this free crochet tutorial.

Enjoy your crocheting and always feel free to share your experience and ideas with us in a comment section below.

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In order to make this mandala potholder you will just need to use some simple, beginner friendly crochet techniques. It is really easy to work up. You’re gonna love it!

Click the following link for a complete pattern and step by step tutorial _ Crochet Mandala Potholder