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Folded House Slippers For Beginners

Enjoy this free folded house slippers pattern with step by step video tutorial. These simple slippers are comfortable enough to wear all day long and pretty enough to accessorize different kinds of outfits.

There’s no need to go out and buy new pair of slippers when you can just make your own. The real pull here is that these slippers are super simple and easy to work up.

They’ve a lovely texture combined with various color mixes, making them super fun pattern to work on.

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These colorful slippers will not only look utterly adorable as you move around the house, but also keep your feet warm and comfortable in any season and weather condition.

Skill level for our today’s project is a beginner, so there is no doubt you will handle it without any difficulties.

Follow this link for a complete pattern and video tutorial – Folded House Slippers For Beginners