Crochet Tunisian Knit Stitch Scarf

Among hundreds of various crochet scarf patterns the Tunisian knit stitch is probably the best technique for creating some stylish, comfortable and warm scarves. This stitch has a one of a kind, truly exceptional look that’s perfectly fit for cold season projects. Such as socks, sweaters, scarves, cowls, hats, gloves, mittens and so on…

Despite the fact it’s not an easiest crochet stitch pattern to learn, this lovely technique has advantages only few other stitch pattern might have. It’s flexible, reversible and beautifully textured with a wide range of use.

Enjoy this fresh new crochet scarf pattern and in case you have any questions, please share them in a comment section below. If you like this scarf, let us know. We’ll bring to you more related crochet patterns.

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This is a new tutorial by Dear Crochet on how to make Tunisian knit stitch scarf. Beginner friendly step by step tutorial will guide you through the whole crocheting process.

So, get together your yarn and hooks and let’s get down to the business. Have a fun time crocheting and always feel free to share your opinion and ideas with us.