Super Easy Crochet Lace Trim Tutorial

Crochet lace trim patterns alongside with edging and border patterns are very useful, perfect decorations for blankets, afghans, scarves, shawls, cowls and many more different kinds of crochet projects.

Crochet ribbon lace trims and borders can be used to decorate all kinds of various things from household items to clothing accessories. As usual these type of patterns work up super fast and do not require much of your time and yarn.

Previously, I’ve already shared with you some beginner friendly patterns and tutorials on how to crochet lace tape edging or border. Now, it’s time to move on, take advantage of an opportunity and master some new crochet lace tape techniques.

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In this fresh new, beginner friendly tutorial we will be following some simple instructions, on how to crochet a beautiful ribbon lace trim.

Please, enjoy yourself and have a fun time crocheting…

Quick and easy to follow video tutorial by Tatyana Litke.