Easy Crochet Gift Bag Pattern

If you love and enjoy giving gifts, here is a perfect crochet gift bag pattern for beginners. This is a fresh new, easy and simple pattern that do not require much of your time and yarn. It works up very fast and you’ll be able to crochet them for each and every member of your family.

Choose your gift, put it in this lovely little bag and give it to anyone dear to your heart. These bags would make a perfect gift for birthdays and for Christmas as well.

Just get together your yarn and hooks, follow the written directions and stitch up these cute pouch bags in the best possible way.

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Gift Bag / Pouch Crochet Pattern:

Row 1: Start with 18 +1 ch, 2sc in to 2nd st 1sc.

Each of next 16sts 3 sc in to last st 1sc each of next 16sts 1sc in to last st.

Do not sl st. Make a 1chain (you got a space)

Row 2: 1sc in to first st ,cain1 repet all around

1sc in to last space (where you make chain 1 space before)

Row 3: Chain 1 (1sc in to space, chain1 )*repet all around till you have 13.5cm high.

Video Tutorial by Dear Crochet