Crochet Diagonal Embossed Box Stitch

Diagonal embossed box stitch is a new crochet stitch pattern that creates some of the most beautifully textured blankets. This stitch was designed specifically for making crochet afghans and blankets however, you can use it in a diverse array of projects. It’s all about your imagination and creativity.

Stitch patterns have always had a key role in crochet. Learning a new stitch technique at least once a month, will definitely improve your crochet skills and give you a bunch of new ideas.

Whether you want to crochet a large colorful blanket or a simple table runner, this lovely box stitch would be a perfect fit anyway. Enjoy yourself and have a fun time crocheting!

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This is a fresh new design and free tutorial on how to crochet the diagonal embossed box stitch. Despite the fact the tutorial is in a foreign language, you’ll see how simply and easily it works up. Hope you’ll love it…