Crochet Lace Cord With Daisy Columns

Crochet lace cord patterns are one of the most beautiful and extraordinary patterns that combine simple and useful at the same time. Even if you’re an absolute beginner in crochet, you would probably be able to stitch up most of those popular cord patterns we love so much.

As usual cord or tape patterns use very few crochet techniques and include some lovely design elements ( like flowers, or leaves ) that make them such an adorable and beloved patterns for each and every crochet hooker.

For this lace cord we will be using a daisy flower design element. You can choose any yarn color for these motifs. I would suggest pink or blue or make them as original, in yellow. The result will be very cute anyway.

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This is a fresh new, easy to follow step by step tutorial on how to stitch up the lace cord with daisy motif columns. It’s a very beautiful and as I’ve already mentioned beginner friendly pattern, so you could practice it without any difficulties. Enjoy.

Click the link below for a crochet tutorial…

Crochet Lace Cord Tutorial by Tatyana Litke

In this tutorial we will be following step by step, how to crochet a daisy lace motif separately from cord. It’s just about ten minute pattern. Hope you’ll have a fun time crocheting.

Click the link below for a crochet tutorial…

Crochet Daisy Motif Tutorial by Tatyana Litke