Paloma Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to crochet a cute and lovely Amigurumi paloma or pigeon using this free crochet tutorial with step by step photo guidelines. Pattern is very quick and easy to work up. Do not require much of your time and yarn and can be easily made in various colors. Even some very beginners who enjoy Amigurumi crochet, would be able to follow this paloma amigurumi crochet tutorial without any difficulties.

Pigeons are one of the most symbolic and iconic birds throughout the whole history of humanity. They represent and symbolize peace, love and harmony. Research suggests that domesticated pigeons occurred as early as 10 – 15 thousand years ago. They have always been in a good serve of humans, even in the Holly Bible there are way to many appearance of pigeons in different places.

Pigeons have made contributions of considerable importance to humanity, especially in times depressions and wars. The homing ability of pigeons has been put to use by making them messengers. There are many historical facts that pigeons have carried many vital messages and some have been decorated for their services.

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There are way to many reasons you’re going to love this Amigurumi Paloma. It’s probably the cutest crochet bird pattern ( after crochet Colibri) I’ve ever seen or made.

This free tutorial by Canal Crochet is very fun and easy to follow. You can also choose different caption languages by clicking the captions icon on a video. Enjoy!