How To Join Paw Crochet Motifs

Learn how to crochet and join these lovely paw print motifs. This is a quite simple and easy pattern to make even for some very beginners. As a result, you’ll be able to make a very special, one of a kind project everyone would love to own.

I have already shared with you a beautiful crochet pattern for paw coaster or doily about a week ago. Now, it’s time to advance a little bit and learn how to join them together in easiest way.

I’m making this post just because I saw how much you liked that previous pattern of paw coasters. It’s a truly fun and cute pattern without a doubt and I hope you will like this one as well.

Just make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. Write out the pattern or just follow along with video tutorial. Anyway, this is a very simple crochet technique to learn…

Take a look at our latest tutorial on How To Crochet A Paw Coaster or Doily

Here is a fresh new, easy to follow video tutorial with written instructions by AmiaMikancl on how to join paw crochet motifs.

Follow this quick tutorial and make some extraordinary throw blankets, table runners, scarfs or even shawls.