Openwork Shells Stitch Knitting Pattern

Want to learn how to knit this eye-catching shells stitch? The following knitting pattern and video tutorial will show you how to master this beautiful stitch technique in an easiest way.

Shell stitch is a very specific stitch pattern that has a number of variations. It is actually one of my favorite knitting stitches because, you can take any version of the shell stitch and work it in rows to make a lovely textured blanket or shawl of any size.

But you can also go beyond that, combining various colors and working this shells stitch knitting pattern in unique ways to make much more impressive projects.

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In this tutorial, we will be working this stitch up using a red color yarn. But don’t feel limited by the color choices… you might want to dream up a new, magical color combination that would be perfectly suited for you.

Openwork Shells Stitch Knitting Pattern:

Cast on a multiple of 10 + 2 sts.

Set-up Row (RS): edge stitch, *knit 1 tbl, purl 1, repeat from *, edge stitch.

Set-up Row (WS): edge stitch, *knit 1, purl 1 tbl, repeat from *, edge stitch.

Repeat 1 – 8 rows of the scheme.

Video Tutorial by Катеринa Мушин