11 Free Crochet Mouse Patterns For Beginners

As you already know this upcoming 2020 is the year of mouse (metal rat) according to Chinese zodiac. Rat is the first in the twelve year cycle of Chinese zodiac and it represents the characteristics of an animal with spirit, alertness, delicacy, vitality, wit and flexibility.

I personally consider myself as a believer and really trust and believe in sighs and symbolics. I think that we are all born at a certain moment of the spacetime and that obviously has to have a huge effect on our lives. At least, we are all made of star particles and there must be some higher connection.

That’s why I’m always trying to decorate my house with different kind of animal symbols. Last year it was pig and I’ve shared with you some crochet pig patterns. Now, it’s time for mouse and I’m going to bring you these 11 free crochet mouse patterns and tutorials everyone should make this year.

Despite the fact you believe in zodiac or not, these cute little crochet mouse patterns would be a great way to decorate your Christmas tree with some lovely and festive ornaments.

1. Amigurumi Mouse

This Amigurumi mice are super adorable and very easy and quick to make. You can use any color thread or yarn. These mice are perfect to teach the children in your life about numbers, colors, sorting, counting, etc. Link to the free crochet pattern.

2. Mouse Ornament

This is a fresh new crochet mouse tutorial by Oksana Handmade. As you can see it would make probably the cutest tree ornament ever! Follow the video and enjoy yourself. Link to the free crochet tutorial.

3. Little Kissing Mice

Here’s a pattern to make a pair of sweet little mice that just love to kiss. Perfect to make for Valentine’s Day. They are made all in one, with no separate parts to sew on, so they are quick and easy to crochet. Link to the free crochet pattern.

4. Crochet Mouse With Big Eyes

Learn how to crochet this Amigurumi mouse with big eyes using a quick and easy to follow video tutorial. This would make a great little attraction for your cat if you have one. Link to the free crochet tutorial.

5. Pinky Amigurumi Mouse

If you want to make a cute, tiny mouse that would be a perfect decoration for Christmas tree you can search no more, because this pinky little mouse is simply adorable! Link to the free crochet pattern.

6. Cheese Mouse

These crochet mice have kind a too much natural look. I’m a bit scared of them however, this pattern is quite popular and I think some of you may love them. Link to the free crochet tutorial.

7. Decorative Mouse

If you enjoy decorative crochet patterns this one is definitely for you. These mice would make a good new year gifts. Put some plants or candies there and decorate your table in such an unusual way. Link to the easy crochet tutorial.

8. Perfect Oval Mouse

This is a free crochet pattern in Spanish and English languages. Follow the link below and learn how to crochet these perfect oval rats in an easiest way. Link to the free crochet pattern.

9. Colorful Mice

I think most of you have seen this pattern before, because it became very popular as soon as it was released. However, if it’s new for you follow along and enjoy yourself crocheting these cuties. Link to the free crochet tutorial.

10. Walking Mouse

This soft and cute mouse pattern is my favorite one from a list. It works up super fast and have such an adorable look. I prefer pink endings but you can make it in any color you wish, red or yellow maybe. Link to the free crochet tutorial.

11. Little Sitting Mouse

I’ve found this cute little sitting mouse pattern few days ago and just fell in love. This is a beginner friendly pattern so you’ll be able to work it up easily. Follow the feed below for a free crochet pattern.