Crochet Woven Overlay Scarf

Learn how to crochet an easy, one raw repeat woven overlay scarf using this quick and simple step by step tutorial. Just before you start following the tutorial I want say a couple of words about this beautiful project.

I’m always enjoying searching for some fresh new, modern crochet patterns and designs that are unusual or extraordinary enough to change my “daily crochet routine” and make me experience some kind of a new level of excitement.

That’s why I like crochet so much and to be honest, it never disappoints me. Just in order to prove my words, I’m going to share with you this absolutely amazing crochet woven overlay scarf tutorial.

Quick to work up with an unusual look, it is definitely something different from the norm. A fabulous combination of crochet and weaving.

It is also very economical with yarn so perfect if you don’t have much to hand – I used less than two balls for this entire 5 ft long scarf.

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