The Common People Hat Crochet Pattern

Winter season is coming up fast and getting colder and colder, so I needed a new hat. It was very easy to decide how my new crochet hat pattern should look like. Like a classic fisherman hat, working class, common… Nothing special. Just a comfortable and warm hat that common people wear.

Crochet hats have always been the perfect all purpose gifts. Babies need hats, elder people wear hats, and so does almost everyone, especially in a cool and frosty winter. Crochet hats are great for keeping your head warm in cold weather and they also make a stylish accessory.

The goal was to create something wearable. A crocheted item for people who don’t like crocheted items. A handmade hat that doesn’t look handmade. Perfect fit. A hat that keeps you warm and is usable every day.

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The Common People Hat Crochet Pattern

This is “The common people hat” crochet pattern by Martin Up North. Free pattern comes with the step by step photo tutorial and written instructions in English and Swedish languages.

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The Common People Hat