Caterpillar Stitch Knitting Pattern

Learn how to knit this beautiful and unusual caterpillar stitch using a free knitting pattern with the step by step video tutorial. This pattern is written in English and Russian languages so you can choose the comfortable one for you to follow.

Mastering some new knitting stitch techniques is always an important and enjoyable process. Especially when it comes to this kind of extraordinary stitch pattern.

With this caterpillar knitting stitch you’ll be able to work up some of the most fascinating and challenging projects you’ve always wanted to make.

Improve your knitting skills with this gorgeous caterpillar stitch pattern! Good luck and happy knitting.

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Caterpillar Stitch Knitting Pattern

So, here is a link to the free knitting pattern in Russian and English languages. Follow the easy guidelines and learn how to knit this lovely caterpillar stitch in the best possible way.

Go to the free knitting pattern…

Caterpillar Knitting Stitch