How To Crochet The Dragonfly Stitch

This step by step tutorial will show you how to easily work the dragonfly crochet stitch, an incredibly creative and unique stitch that will add some versatility to any of your crochet projects. This is a perfect stitch pattern for blankets, shawls, scarves, hats and many other similar products.

There are many exceptional and extraordinary crochet stitch patterns that can create some of the most eye-catching textures ever. These kind of stitch techniques are always special to learn. It’s such an enjoyable process making something marvelous only few people have made before.

That’s why today, I’ve decided to share with you this beautiful pattern for the dragonfly crochet stitch. This a quite simple and easy pattern to stitch up. Even some absolute crochet beginners would be able to work on it without any difficulties.

Just follow the step by step instructions and learn how to crochet the dragonfly stitch in an easiest way.

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So, here is a dragonfly stitch pattern with step by step video tutorial. This lovely stitch works up so easily and pleasantly that I could not choose which project to show the tutorial on.

So I decided to make a basic element for the dragonfly itself. And how to apply them invent yourself.

Click the link below for a crochet pattern…

Dragonfly Crochet Stitch Pattern by Ellej