Chinese Lantern Free Knitting Pattern

This is a fun and easy knitting pattern for decorative Chinese lantern you’re going to love for sure. Free pattern includes the step by step written instructions with diagrams, that will turn your knitting time into an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

There are 3 types of Chinese lanterns – flying lanterns, floating lanterns and hanging lanterns. The original use of lanterns was primarily as a light source. Nowadays, they are used only for decor and modern forms of celebration.

These beautiful lanterns we are going to make today, can be hung in both homes and public spaces. They are not very big in size and can be easily modified for any environment.

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The most common type of lantern is the hanging variety and that’s why I’ve decided to share with you this, in my opinion unusual and extraordinary pattern.

Create a cozy nook for your home interior or outside entertainment area with these colorful knitted covers for Chinese lantern.

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Chinese Lanterns