Crochet Bilateral Tote Bag

Learn how to make this trendy and stylish crochet bilateral tote bag from knitted yarn. If you are looking for a crochet bag pattern that will be perfectly matched with any of your outfits, then this is a perfect one to try. Make it white and purple, turquoise and brown, even black and white, this bilateral tote will have a fancy look anyway.

Free pattern gives you an opportunity to use fabric yarn if you’ve never tried it yet. It’s quite easy to crochet, just follow the step by step tutorials very carefully and try to make every single stitch according to the instructions.

Despite the fact the tote is not big in size, it still got plenty of room for all your essentials.

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Whether you’re planning to go to an evening party or just take a walk in a park with your friends and family members, this crochet tote bag is just the perfect accessory for you.

It’s very lightweight, functional, comfortable and fashionable enough to make you feel confident and relaxed in any circumstances.

Click here to show bag tutorial

Pattern and video tutorial by Alya Francis