Crochet Daisy Flower Granny Square

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you step by step, how to crochet a daisy flower granny square in the easiest way. This is a fresh new pattern that will unleash for you completely new, useful techniques of making granny squares. Every crocheter knows that granny squares are one of the most iconic motifs in crochet. Even some absolute beginners who barely see the difference between crochet and knitting can easily recognize a granny square.

In fact, square is one of the first things we practice as we start learning how to crochet. There is no doubt granny squares have a key role in crochet but, there are many different ways to transform and tweak the basic crochet square.

For example, you can use color changing, different stitch techniques and of course, different kinds of colorful flowers.

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Enjoy this fresh new tutorial on how to crochet daisy flower granny square in an easiest possible way. This is a beginner friendly pattern, so I’m sure you will handle it without any difficulties.

Click the link below for a crochet tutorial…

Daisy Flower Granny Square by Jayda InStitches

Just like most of the crochet patterns, this one comes with the step by step video tutorial and written instructions. You can write them out or simply follow a video.


Mercerized cotton yarns called YarnArt Begonia (50g/169m/185yds) of Turkish origin.

Crochet hook 2.7mm (C/2 in USA size or 12 in Canada/UK size).

Click the link below for a crochet tutorial…

Daisy Granny Square Tutorial by NotikaLand