Crochet Rainbow Road Baby Blanket

Rainbow Road is a beautifully simple and elegant crochet pattern that is just perfect for making a lovely and colorful baby blanket.

We have already made some cute baby blankets using various crochet stitches like the rail road stitch and the flower garden stitch.

Today, I’m gonna be showing you how to work up this adorable V stitch rainbow road baby blanket in the easiest way.

We all know crochet can be quite the addicting hobby, but there is no pattern out there more addicting and enjoyable than baby blanket. As usual they are super soft and lightweight and you can use them in any season and weather condition.

Crochet baby blankets also make great gifts because they are sentimental and can be kept for years and years to come.

That’s why I’ve always enjoyed working on baby blanket patterns and I’m sure you love them as much as I do.

Rainbow Road Baby Blanket Crochet Tutorial…

With all the free crochet patterns for baby blankets floating around, I think this rainbow road is a truly special one. It is a very soft, lightweight and colorful which makes it just a perfect project for newborn babies.

So, here is an easy to follow tutorial on how to crochet a rainbow road V stitch baby blanket. You can make it in any size you wish, just make sure you follow the step by step directions very carefully.

Please, enjoy yourself and always feel free to share your opinion and experience with us in a comment section below. Good luck!

Video Tutorial by Blossom Crochet