Six Petal Crochet Flower Tutorial

This is a beginner friendly, step by step, six petal crochet flower tutorial. These colorful crochet flowers will bloom off your hooks with ease and vivacity. No matter how skillful or experienced you are, this crochet flower pattern works up very fast and almost everyone with basic crochet skills would be able to make it just in a few minutes.

These simple flowers maintain their elegance and would be a great decoration for your home or hair accessory. This is an unique design that you will be able to use as a decor for a diverse array of projects including hats, headbands, slippers, handbags, blankets and so on.

This beautiful crochet flower pattern stands out by having a 3D effect from its petals. The crocheted pistil completes the look, making a truly realistic yet easy crochet flower.


Crochet flower patterns are perfect for a diverse array of projects. They can be used as appliques on almost every project you’ll decide to make including hats, scarves, headbands, slippers, booties, dresses or jackets. These cute and colorful six petal crochet flowers would give an alluring look to anything. It’s all about your imagination and creativity.

So, here is a fresh new, step by step tutorial on how to crochet a six petal flower in the easiest way. Just follow the tutorial link below and enjoy yourself.

Have a good time and always feel free to share your ideas and experience with us in a comment section below.

Video Tutorial by NotikaLand