Leaf Stitch Bag Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to make this super elegant and stylish leaf stitch crochet bag using the step by step free crochet tutorials.

At a first sight, it might appear too complicated for you but in fact, it’s a beginner friendly pattern so I’m sure you’ll handle it without any difficulties.

Crochet leaf stitch itself is one of the most eye-catching and unusual techniques in crochet.

It has such an extraordinary and beautiful styling that perfectly matches almost every crochet pattern.

This soft macrame rope yarn allows the bag to stretch out to accommodate a smorgasbord of items for those days when you can’t get to the car without packing half your house with you.

This lovely leaf stitch bag is also perfect for shopping and hauling all kinds of goodies. When you only have a few essentials, though, it still stays cute and perky.

This handbag features a gorgeous texture that you’re going to love for sure. It takes bit of patience to crochet it up, but there is no doubt you’ll enjoy the final result.


Crochet bag patterns are always exciting and enjoyable to work on. They are extremely useful accessories and will make great personalized gifts for each and every woman.

With these leaf stitch crochet bags, you can make new accessories to match your wardrobe during each season of the year.

Follow the tutorials and enjoy yourself!

Crochet Tutorial by Gülcan Volkan Duran

Video Tutorial – Part 1

Video Tutorial – Part 2

Video Tutorial – Part 3